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About Pony Brand

Welcome to PonyHorseTack website.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Ondrej Bartak and I am founder and CEO of Pony Brand.

I personally own and created these websites under Pony Brand:

www.ponygaming.com – gaming and Fortnite, CoD, Minecraft, etc. Merchandise

www.ponygeek.com – movie merchandise like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Marvel

www.ponyhorsetack.com – Horse Tack Store in the US

Why Pony Brand?

It’s so simple! I love horse riding and doing it since I was 13 years old.
I always love it and once I sat on the horseback, it was love for a whole life.
And because I got the nickname “Horse” from my friends and we have one old Shetland Pony with the name Lord at stables where I was riding, I decided to create Pony Brand.

I always took care of this pony.

The current owner bought him as 20 years old, he was sick and he was always angry because the previous owner didn’t take care of him.
I bring him apples, carrots, and other horse cookies a couple of times per week, so he got better and better after some time.

Right now he’s 30 years old and still fit, however, we know he will pass away one day, but this brand will be always in memory of shetland pony Lord.

I personally hope that you will love my stores as I do.
We’re always doing our best for our customers and trying to bring you the most quality items for affordable prices.

And because of this story, we’re giving away 10% of profit to horse charity.

Cheers, Ondrej