What You Need To Know About Keeping Your Horse At Home

Just about every horse owner has once dreamily contemplated the idea of looking out their bedroom or kitchen window to see their beloved equine friend happily grazing away. The idea of having your horse at home just steps from your front door, is undoubtedly an extremely appealing idea. While the idea is tempting, the reality […]

A Better Approach To Deworming

When the traditional methods of deworming were designed in the 1960s, experts suggested that horse owners deworm their horses every two months. This aggressive approach to managing worms in horses was created mostly in an attempt to target the parasite known as Strongylus Vulgaris, otherwise known as the large strongyle. Over the years, this deworming […]

Working To Prevent Lameness In Your Horse

Dealing with lameness can be extremely frustrating. The equine body is incredibly complex, and despite their large stature, horses require a considerable amount of upkeep and management in order to maintain their health and physical wellness. Continue reading for tips on working to prevent lameness in your horse to keep them healthy and sound. Diet […]

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